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For the last couple of days, I’ve been carrying a feeling of sorrow and a burden of prayer for the people of Shanghai, China. This week, I posted an eerie video of the sound of hundreds of people wailing at night in a chorus of despair from the balconies of their high-rise apartment buildings. I saw a video of a sci-fi-like robotic dog patrolling the streets of Shanghai with a loudspeaker attached to its back warning people to stay inside their homes. Another video revealed a messenger drone flying at night over Shanghai blaring out the message “Control your soul’s desire for freedom.” It was like the book 1984 by George Orwell had been turned into a movie.

The Chinese Communists got one thing right. Our souls do desire freedom. This is not rebellion dressed up as freedom. It is the basic desire for true freedom that God placed in every human when He created us so we could respond to His offer of love without coercion or fear.  It was that same soul-desire for freedom that motivated a group of men to craft documents expressing that God-given freedom that resulted in the creation of a new form of civil government called the United States. 

Our experiment in democracy is now being demeaned by naïve individuals, too many who are leaders within the Church, who think personal freedom expressed and exercised against the flow of government oppression is somehow not spiritual.  Powerful social influencers within our culture are also at work. They are censoring the freedom of our individual expressions of speech by restricting the flow of information allowing only a prepared narrative to be seen and heard. It amazed me that the video images I watched this week out of Shanghai were able to escape the constricting filters of government control. I sense the Lord let those images escape so we could see what is happening as a wake-up call.

God is giving us a preview of what hell plans for our world, not just some distant faraway country. This is not a dark Hollywood film production we can sit back and comfortably watch while eating popcorn. This is a spirit that is manifesting in our world. All it needs is a compliant, fearful, and uninformed populace willing to yield to its control without examination and discernment. We are called to be righteous interventionists when injustice manifests in our world. Even the most committed pacificists would be willing to at least stand between those wanting to harm someone and their intended victim as a physical buffer against further harm.

What we see taking place in China is a preview of things to come in the United States and other nations that desire freedom over bondage. Loving our neighbor as ourselves means we would never want another human to suffer such pain. That requires a spiritual and physical intervention many in the Church have been groomed to believe is not a proper spiritual response. If we offer that excuse to suffering people, like those currently wailing in despair in Shanghai, our excuse will ring as hollow as the reasoning we used to arrive at that conclusion. 


  1. Nita Belles

    Praying that “church” will become pandemic levels inside the walls for those being locked up! Jesus! Loose your Spirit there! Show up I. Powerful ways! They can lock up people but not your Spirit!!

  2. Lesley Ann Richardson

    It is good that all these things are coming out into the light. This Orwellian nightmare occurring in Shanghai. Also in my homeland of Australia a documentary has been produced detailing the horrific crushing of freedom that has taken place in the once-beautiful city of Melbourne. But all these things are a mighty clarion call, to wake the church and indeed all peoples to the scale and ferocity of satanic opposition to the human race. It is a challenge we must rise and meet, knowing we have been called to the kingdom for just such a time as this. And that the darkness is greatest before the outshining of the light of the coming of Christ.

  3. John J Anderson II

    A strategy for conquest and cultural transformation that has been proven for thousands of years is often compared to the strategy of placing a frog in a pot of cool water, then slowly boiling it. The frog, a cold-blooded animal, boils to death unaware of the threat. The same frog, if dumped into a pot of boiling water would immediately jump to freedom.

    The events that Garris describes – like those of the draconian vaccine mandates, supply-chain disruptions, green-energy infrastructure globalism (build back better), and cancel-culture excesses – have suddenly thrown the frog into the boiling water! Eyes are open, excuses are exposed, and lies are undeniable to all. These are all answers to prayer.

    May we have the courage to take bold steps to fulfill the plans Father has for us to bring his Kingdom in our days.


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