This morning I did something I do each morning before I sit down to write.  I stand by a window in our living room and look up into the night sky and pray for the day. I asked God to release His presence through my family and through me. I prayed, “Lord let your presence flow through us like a river”.  In that moment, I knew my prayer was meant for more than just our family.

Immediately, I saw a person moving through the schedule of their day. They were slowed because they had to step over the debris of human failure and obstacles placed in their path to slow the progress of God’s will for their life.

As they walked forward, the center of their chest opened up. A river of God’s presence began to pour out onto the ground before them. The person looked like a high-pressure power washer. As the flow from their chest was released it began to clear away the debris and rubble that was hindering their forward motion. Nothing could remain in place when impacted by the force of the spray. The person continued to walk and turn in different directions spraying away every hindering presence.   

There is a supernatural river of God’s presence waiting to flow from your life. This river will be released when the knob of your faith is turned opening the floodgate. It is time for you to believe more in the power of the One you carry than the prohibitions that stand in your way. God desires to show you the extent of His authority. Open your heart and mind to the Spirit of God and He will begin to flow through you in a supernatural way. The outpouring of His presence will clear the path for you so you can begin to move at the speed of your faith along a clear and unobstructed path. This is your time!


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