Young men, a life of faith is not meant to be complicated.

         It is meant to be a simple, authentic and wearable way of life.

Young men, a good life is all about intimacy.

         Wife, friends, children, all people need the real, intimate you.

Young men, a spiritually healthy man is a forgiving man.

         It is the only way forward when you fail and others fail you.

Young men, His presence is your sweetest possession.

         Forsake all things that want to displace this treasure.

Young men, life is not about gaining a following, it is about following Him.

         Submit your ambition to the fruit of self-control.

Young men, a woman does not want a distant machismo version of manhood.

         A woman wants tenderness, a listening ear, and a gentle embrace.

Young men, it is an illusion that your youth will hang on until the end.

         Embrace your aging seasons. They are sweeter than your youth.

Young men, if you do these things, when your last breath comes,

         You will have finished well.


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