A Pre-Awakening

by | Oct 28, 2020 | Prophetic | 0 comments

Prophets have spoken about a Great Awakening taking place. I believe that is true. This morning the Lord added new insight to that future event. Before the Great Awakening, a Pre-Awakening will take place. In the Pre-Awakening, believers will awaken to truth from the slumber of deception. In their awakening, they will begin to see the fallacies and delusions that have blinded their eyes while they slept. Awake, they will no longer describe evil as good or believe that God’s Word can be molded to fit humanity’s ever-changing interpretations. When this pre-Awakening occurs, it will align people to God’s greater purpose for His creation, making them ready to move with the Spirit as the Great Awakening unfolds. The Lord has placed Heaven’s alarm clock in His slumbering Church.


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