A Proof-read Life

by | Jun 23, 2017 | Favor, Holiness, Humility, Identity, Love, Marriage | 0 comments

Yesterday, I did what I do each morning, I write. After I finish writing, I take the time required to make sure what was written was the best I could produce. I also use a grammar program called Grammarly that was introduced to me by a professional writer.

After my spell checker and grammar program were used yesterday, I still had a glaring error in my text that my writing programs and I missed. A faithful Facebook friend wrote me later that morning a kind personal note pointing out my grammar stumble. I am always so appreciative of people who take the time to help me write better.

I noticed after all my spelling and grammar checking tools had their way, and after I read and reread what I posted numerous times, an obvious mistake still got through. I once read a magazine article that said our mind can insert what we want to be in a text to such a degree that we actually read an error and think the text is correct and ready for publication. That is why writers have proofreaders.

While that is important in the publishing world, it is even more important in our personal lives. We need faithful friends who will speak the truth in love to us when we are not seeing an obvious flaw in our thinking or character. This is never to be done in judgment or to catch a person in a fault. It is done in love because the person reading our life knows our heart and what we want to communicate.  Those are the kind of proof-readers we all need in our lives.


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