Your Gate of Opportunity

by | Jun 22, 2017 | Faith, Obedience, Trust | 1 comment

We live on a street without sidewalks. It looks like a country road from the 1950’s. Oak trees arch over the street forming a leaf-filled arbor. A few doors down from us, a woman owns a small cottage along a creek. In her front yard is a single gate between two posts. There is no fence – just the decorative standalone white picketed gate with flowers tastefully planted at its base. I have walked by the cottage and the gate hundreds of times. This time, the Lord spoke.

A gate of opportunity is about to open. Each time you passed the gate it has always given you the impression it led nowhere, just like my neighbor’s decorative gate. You thought it was a gate without a destination. This time the gate has gained your attention for a reason.

You will be asked to step through its opening. This will require two things of you. It will require faith to believe another world exists past the threshold of what appears to lead nowhere. It will also require courage to take the first step through its opening. To some of those who will watch you open the gate, you might appear foolish.  It would seem just as foolish as if on my morning walk I actually left the street to enter my neighbor’s yard to walk through her decorative gate. Your faith and courage will be the two keys that unlock the gate of your opportunity.

When you take this step of obedience you will disappear into another reality. It will be like the fulfillment of a child’s fairy tale of wonder when in child-like faith they followed the impulse of their imagination to discover a destination they never thought possible. 

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  1. Unknown

    I can relate to this word. I had a dream a few weeks ago where the Lord calked me from an dark opening but because it was dark I hesitated. But He kept calling until He turned to walk away, and ut was then that I saw a glimpse of His shining robe in the dark and called to Him, Wait Lord I come I come. (BUT I woke and knew He is trying to say something.) That we have to know His voice so that we will FOLLOW THROUGH INTO WHAT EVER PLACE or destiny He is calling us to go. He wants to lead us and calks us but when we are not sure about His voice wgen we cant see any thing, we will not follow.
    Then He gave me an impression a week ago. He said Chicken is weak. Lions are strong and then He said Come. Again inviting me to follow. Encouraging and saying again: I am leading you, be strong and courageous, and come… follow Me.
    We live by faith – knowing our Shepherds voice… by faith not sight. He is taking us through… leading us through… where we would not normally go but because He leads we can be strong and follow our Lord.


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