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Of late, my dreams have become more intense and more prophetic in nature. Last night in a dream I was in my home. Other people were also present.  It was mid-afternoon on a bright sunny day when the sky suddenly darkened to such an extent that I got up from my chair and ran to the nearest window to see what was happening. A large dark cloud had moved across the sun making the day seem like night had arrived prematurely. Some of those who remained seated were leaders in government and religion. They were sitting in seats of denial.

As I stood at the window, the dark cloud began to spawn a series of tornadoes that began to move across the landscape destroying some homes and passing by others. What was so intense about the dream were the colors and the sound. I could hear the tornado. It sounded like the deafening sound of a passing train. When the tornadoes moved on, the streets were filled with rubble and people walked about dazed and confused.

After the dream had finished, I remained awake in bed asking the Lord to help me understand what the dream meant. The large dark cloud was called Deception. It contained other deceptions that would be released in strategic order as a tornado swarm. The first tornado released was the pandemic, not the disease itself, but the spirit behind it. That spirit was called Control. The second tornado in the sequence was named Loss. Its mission was to destroy personal freedom. Other tornadoes would be revealed after Control and Loss had done their damage.

When we awoke, I shared the dream with Jan. She wisely said, “We need to pray a reversal takes place. We need to pray that a change of direction happens to reverse the winds and force the tornadoes to return what was taken up in the whirling winds of their destruction.” I agreed and began to pray to that end. We do not have to allow a continuance of any storm of darkness. Our prayers are powerful and can reverse the plans of hell.

The dark cloud in the dream is moving across nations. While the darkness is real, it cannot overcome the light of God’s truth. The deception being released upon our world is not the end game. Our prayers and steps of faith can cause a reversal of a planned misfortune and turn that plan into a historic moment of God’s supernatural intervention and redemption. The Lord will use those who rise and move to the window of revelation to make announcements that will cause people to leave places of comfort and denial to see what is taking place. Seeing the storm is only half of the revelation. Seeing how God wants to intervene is the other half. That is the most important revelation because it displaces our despair with hope. 


  1. Linda

    I look forward to your grounding words and interpretation of our current world. Thank you!

  2. Kathryn L Franklin

    I just finished a painting yesterday that depicts His arrow piercing the darkness. I would like to share it with you… It is on my Facebook page under Kathryn Smith.

  3. Arlene Sarver

    This spoke to me and throughout the reading I prayed to reverse the curse of darkness. Declaring light of the Lord Jesus and pleading His blood. The blood of Jesus is the universal solvent to dissolve the plans of the enemy in the large and small situations and there is no shortage or limitation of His power. He will yet be inquired of us to do it for us. Pray and intercede in all the situations God lays on your heart believers and it will be done.

  4. Jonathan Khan

    Your prophetic dream is congruent with the theme of theme of Manifested Harvest this year! God will indeed restore and release what the locusts have devoured. This harvest will be realized by apostolic warfare waged with prophetic accuracy to caused satanic supplies and operations to be besieged as the heavebs open to reveal His outpouring! Hallelujah!

    Yours in Christ,
    Apostle Jonathan Khan.


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