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Life can be unstable and fragile at times. What we take for granted as part of normal life can be gone in a moment. In a developed nation, we can live in the illusion that all will be the same tomorrow. For example, as secure as our communication services appear to be, they are fragile and exposed to all kinds of issues that can take them out of service without warning, especially during a crisis. With that possibility in mind, Jan and I ordered a pair of walkie-talkies made by a company called Rocky Talkie. They were designed by outdoor enthusiasts who wanted a simple, compact, and reliable communication device that has been thoroughly tested in the harshest of conditions.

Next to some extra food and water, being able to stay connected to those we love is important, not only to communicate but for the survival of our emotional and spiritual health. That is what motivated our purchase. To live, and in some cases survive, requires that we always keep lines of communication open between us and the ones we love and rely upon. If a catastrophic event would ever take place, one that changed our world in ways we could not have imagined, it would be communication between our close relationships of family, friends, and neighbors that would be part of our ability to survive a life-altering event.

The walkie-talkie purchase taught me once again that communication requires an investment. The Rocky Talkies weren’t cheap. I was willing to pay a bit more because I know they have been tested in the most challenging of situations and will work when my life might depend on my ability to communicate.

Today, not tomorrow is when we need to make sure nothing stands in the way of our ability to communicate with our family, friends, and neighbors. A time may come when the only people available to us to aid in our survival, spiritually, emotionally, and physically, will be those relationships. 

No matter what the issue might be that blocks our ability to clearly and honestly communicate with our close circle of relationships, we need to be willing to give it up and forgive and move beyond those transgressions. Keeping relational lines of communication open and honest will prepare us to navigate through whatever comes our way. That choice will enhance our ability to survive, both in the physical world and in matters of the Spirit, when life takes an unexpected turn.

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  1. John J Anderson II

    Several years ago, our community experienced a freak snow and ice storm that took down the major transmission lines for electricity serving our community. “No Problem” I said. We have a backup generator and fuel, as well as battery-powered lights and candles. Our natural gas furnace and water heater kept us warm and clean…..for a while.

    After the generator fuel was exhausted, we went looking for spare batteries and fuel. The power outage made it impossible for gas pumps to run, and for retail shops to check out shoppers. Radios guided our travel to working gas stations – but their tanks were empty, and to open retail shops – but their shelves were empty.

    Working Rocky Talkies would have been a dream come true!

    Until you are without reliable electricity,


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