A Reversal

by | Oct 19, 2021 | Prophetic | 7 comments

Yesterday was a restless day.  I realized a spiritual battle in the unseen realm was taking place.  I felt an unease all day long until later in the evening when the unease lifted.  I went to sleep with joy and peace. 

During the night, I was awakened when an image entered my mind. Whenever this happens, I investigate the image to see if it was just my imagination or a prophetic prompting that needs unpacking. It was the latter. 

I saw an old WWII bomber opening its bomb bay doors and dropping a string of bombs on a target during a bombing run.  I parked the image and went back to sleep. I was awakened an hour later and saw the same image but this time the bombs were not dropping they were rising and reentering the open bomb bay doors and exploding, destroying the enemy aircraft and disempowering its mission.

Hell has been dropping payload after payload of darkness. Bombs of despair and fear have been flown over unsuspecting targets releasing their content with lethal accuracy creating emotional and spiritual carnage. A reversal is about to take place. What was intended as yet another unhindered run of evil is now going to turn on the perpetrators and its willing participants. Reversing the course of these dark spiritual bomb runs will bring down the war plans of hell that have been perpetrated against individuals, families, cultures, and the Church. 

When you hear the whine of hell’s bombers lining up to make yet another bombing run on your life, start to worship. We are about to witness the explosive destruction of these plans and those in the cockpits of control who are directing their delivery systems. What hell intended for devastation will turn into songs of worship and praise as we witness the supernatural deliverance of the Lord. 


  1. Vance Day

    Good word – sending the choir out ahead of the army is counterintuitive, but the Lord asks us to partner with Him in ways which don’t always match our battle plan.

  2. Ann Neavill

    Please add me to your email list.

    • Opa

      Psalm 94:21-22 TPT
      For they gang up against the lovers of righteousness and condemn the innocent to death. [22] But I know that all their evil plans will boomerang back onto them. Every plot they hatch will simply seal their own doom. For you, my God, you will destroy them, giving them what they deserve. For you are my true tower of strength, my safe place, my hideout, and my true shelter.

  3. James Moyer

    Thank you, Garris, for sharing such a powerful image that we can draw strength and hope from in anticipation of what our Mighty God is preparing right now.

  4. Floyd Conger

    I sense God wants us to have a place of mercy in our hearts for the ones that are being USED by the enemy in flying those aircraft/dropping those bombs. They will reap along with those who’s influence they have succumbed to. (We wrestle not against…)
    The vast majority have no idea what is actually at work here.

  5. John Anderson II

    Right on, Garris!

    There is an abundance of light being sown in darkness, and numerous corrupt leaders being removed through prayer!

  6. John Curtis

    I love this. Thank you, Garris.


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