The Unstoppable Kingdom

by | Oct 17, 2021 | Prophetic | 3 comments

As the world churns in a sea of disorder, and in some cases presents real threats to life and liberty, we need a reality check from time to time to keep us on track. No matter what is taking place, the Kingdom of God is unstoppable because the love of Christ, the core of His Kingdom, can never be put to death. Christ’s love manifests through His people with an increasing measure in seasons of life when hate seems to be most prevalent.  

The Economist magazine in 2020 said Christianity in China is the fastest-growing religious group in the nation. This growth has taken place while the government in one coastal province tore down over 1,500 crosses, confiscated Bibles, and imprisoned pastors. The Communist Party leader of that province was then promoted to an advanced position in the government where his policies could have a greater impact nationally.  The Church in China is experiencing its greatest growth under this kind of focused and cruel persecution.

No matter what challenges we face as individuals or a nation, we should never forget that the Kingdom of God has thrived and advanced for the last 2,000 years no matter what obstacles of hate were placed in its path. While we all have our opinions about what is taking place in the world around us, and specifically where we live and work, we represent a Kingdom that is unstoppable if we keep our hearts in tune with the voice of God, not the voices of fear and hopelessness.  

Our ability to personally hear the voice of God takes place within a worldwide Church whose members hold diverse opinions on a wide variety of important topics. It is the love of Christ that unites us, not our opinions. When we submit our personal opinion to the Lord and allow His love to craft our response to life, even at the peril of our opinion, that kind of submitted heart is what makes God’s Kingdom unstoppable.


  1. kristie moorman

    Thankyou Garris
    A wonderful word that hits the core of my ❤

  2. Julie K Bowman

    I agree 100%! Thank you Garris!

  3. Angela Gehring

    Oh that last paragraph!! I choose to submit ALL my opinions to the truth found in God’s love. One with Him, my mind renewed, His thoughts become mine. Amen. So good Garris, thank you!


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