A Revival of Rest

by | Jan 11, 2020 | Obedience, Peace, Relationships, Rest, Restoration, Trust | 0 comments

A revival is coming and it will begin in a place of rest. This is not a revival limited to a church gathering or conference setting. It will take place across the board in all areas where we live and work. Families will be revived. Corporations and mom and pop stores will be revived. Personal vision and bright hope for the future will come alive with a new purpose. 

Rest has been the great untapped source of spiritual awakening. This is not the absence of doing. It is actively choosing to say no to what is not needed, unnecessary, and a continual drain on our energy, our joy, and our resources.  One translation of the word sabbath is “to exterminate.” When we enter a place of rest, those things that have occupied our time and stolen our Kingdom potential will come to the surface. We will begin to see the thieves of our rest for what they are and be able to remove their dangerous flotsam from our life.

Rest will produce a new clarity and simplicity, allowing us to hear the word of the Lord in ways we could not have imagined before rest was entered. Some of you will hear things that at first will appear too simple to be true, but that instruction will carry with it the very revival you seek. The next great move of God is already among us for those who choose to rest.


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