A Season of Ripe Reasoning

by | Oct 12, 2017 | Favor, Freedom, Justice, Prayer, Pride, Provision, Revelation, Supernatural, Wisdom, Word | 0 comments

The words, “Ripe Reasoning”, came to my mind after a few moments of spontaneous prayer in the Spirit. I had never heard that phrase before and knew it was the vocabulary of Heaven describing something God was about to do in this season of time. I also knew I was receiving the interpretation of what I had just prayed.

A supernatural ripeness of thinking is coming to ministries, businesses, government and civic organizations that will resemble an accelerated ripening of fruit. New strategies and tactics will appear with this ripeness that will not be discovered with the assets of academics, logic or human intellect. With these deposits will come an acceleration of development and the release of unusual outcomes that carry the potential for an unusual breakthrough.

The sudden appearance of this ripe reasoning will be so far outside the margins of our current thinking that no human will be able to claim authorship. It will become obvious to all that the wisdom of God has come to visit our endeavors. This visit is not for the expansion of our personal agendas, bank accounts or reputations. It is for the expansion of God’s Kingdom. Those with pure hearts and motives will be the ones used by God to carry the fruit of this ripe reasoning and deliver its potential.


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