The Elevator of Your Faith

by | Oct 11, 2017 | Courage, Deliverance, Faith, Father, Freedom, Future, Identity, Love, Miracles, Trust | 0 comments

For the last week, Jan and I have been staying in a beautiful hotel near Portland, Oregon. Last week, I was speaking at a conference, then on Sunday I spoke at a local church and for the last few days, we attended yet another conference. It has been a full and rich time.

The hotel where we were staying is nine stories tall. The doorways for each of the rooms face inward to an open-air commons area. Three elevators climb up and down in this open space. One side of each elevator is clear glass allowing its passengers to feel like they are on a helicopter ride. Those seated in the commons area can see through the glass side of the elevators and watch the guests as they ascend and descend.

This morning, I rode the elevator down to the lobby. It was very early in the morning. The only other people moving at that hour were the lobby clerk and a very sleepy man I passed as he shuffled down the hallway. When I got back into the elevator to return to my room, I pressed the button for the 6th floor and the elevator began to rise. Like we all do when we ride an elevator, I was staring at the door as the elevator began its ascent. Then I turned around to look out onto the hotel commons area that was now falling away below me as I was riding upward. That was when the Lord spoke to me.

Some of you need to turn around and see what the rest of us are seeing in your life. We can see you rising in your faith and maturity, but you are fixated on the door to your future. You don’t realize you have been rising each time you chose to believe the best when the worst was thrown in your face or when you chose to love when loving someone was a challenge. Many of us are sitting in the commons area of your life watching your life rise to new heights. We are trying to get your attention and have you turn around to see what God has done. It is time for you to gain a new perspective for the remainder of your journey. The door to your future is about to open and when it does it will reveal to you a good thing you did not think was possible. While you worried and wondered, God has been taking you higher.


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