A Shaking in the Earth and the Spirit

by | Apr 5, 2021 | Prophetic | 0 comments

In the week leading up to Easter Sunday, a swarm of 3,000 earth tremors took place in Northern California, in a very confined area between Medford, Oregon, and Redding California. To a lesser, but still significant number, swarms of tremors also occurred in the Seattle, Washington area. The tremor swarms in Northern California took place near Mount Shasta. The tremors in the Seattle area happened in the shadow of Mount Rainer. Both mountains are volcanoes.

During the same time period, significant underground magma flow, terrain uplift and increased earthquake activity took place in Yellowstone Park within the caldera of the Yellowstone volcano. Yellowstone Lake is showing signs of its ice cover beginning to melt.

The Earth is always active, but this increased level of activity is unusual. We are living in a time when unusual occurrences could begin to manifest causing many to evaluate the foundation of security upon which they stand.   Many of us live lives of faith insulated from the witness of nature. The Creation is groaning. 

Fear of natural disaster or fear of the unknown should never lead our lives. This is a time to pray and ask the Lord to reveal to us what is taking place both in the spiritual and natural world. The spiritual and the natural world can both communicate a message. Change is on the horizon and those who lean upon the Lord and listen to the counsel of God’s Spirit will experience peace as strange events unfold. Those who place their trust in the Lord will see Him move in miraculous ways bringing freedom and deliverance.


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