In Times of Absurdity

by | Apr 6, 2021 | Prophetic | 1 comment

Yesterday, the word “absurd” kept coming to mind as I looked across our culture at the redefinitions of reality taking place. The level of absurdity of what some are accepting as truth seems to be on the rise. I took a stroll through several dictionaries and compiled a collective list of definitions of the word and read the following, “ridiculously unreasonable, unsound, stupid and unreasonable, or silly, utterly or obviously senseless, illogical.”

It is said that he who controls the cultural dictionary controls the culture. People like obedient sheep are willing to fall in line behind new and approved definitions of reality that just a generation ago would be considered insanity. While on the natural level the control of our cultural dictionary is a tool of power, those who understand the never-changing truth of God’s word will be able to weather these storms of redefinition while still retaining their spiritual sanity. Truth never adjusts itself to appease our descending levels of absurdity.

At the end of our common human sense is where absurdity reigns. It is also where God’s word will be revealed as the only source of remaining truth. A revival of truth is afoot. Many will be awakened by the Spirit as He opens the eyes of spiritually and intellectually blind people to see the reality of life from the time-tested truth of God’s word. The crazier and more absurd things appear that increasing level of absurdity will become an indicator of a coming turnaround where the spiritually blind will receive sight to see life as God sees it. People will step away from the absurd definitions and redefinitions like a person being awakened from a nightmare of deception.

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  1. Lesli Lamb-Bixby

    Lunacy and Idiocy are the words that come to my mind! Romans 5:20:)


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