A Simple and Prepared Faith

by | Nov 22, 2021 | Prophetic | 2 comments

This is a time to simplify our faith. We can rely on things to support our faith that may not be there when a life crisis takes place. Reducing our faith to its simplest functional form allows it to move with us unhindered through the difficult seasons of life. It’s also a faith that will be spiritually alive when the time of rebuilding begins somewhere in the future.

Much of our modern life functions on the platform of stability. This stability is present when there are no disruptions in power and technology. If the proverbial plug gets pulled in times of crisis or disaster, those things that we relied upon without questioning the viability of their continued and uninterrupted service become defunct and of no use.

Considering the instabilities that are looming on the horizon of our culture, I wanted to research how to prepare for uncertain times. Food and water, a portable energy source and various tools for survival were topics of interest. To be prepared when the stable status quo vanishes is not a bad idea.

I listened to one video presentation where I heard about the handful of items we would need in times of social unrest or disaster. The presenter said our grocery stores have only about 3 days of available food after a crisis strikes. Cut the supply chain and the shelves will empty quickly as will the common sense and decency of our fellow citizens whose panic buying will resemble a frenzied looting more than a calm and reasoned stroll down the grocery aisle.

Of the several things the presenter shared that we will need to survive, one item he suggested caused me to pause. He said we need Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. I began to scratch my head. If the Internet goes down and a person has no access to their online crypto currency account, what good is it when you are hungry, thirsty, and afraid? When people are in a crisis mode, and food, water and shelter are their immediate needs and no one can access the Internet, a practical and reasonably prepared person who resembles a self-sufficient farmer of a century ago will have it much better.

While it is important to consider the negative outcomes of life and make wise and practical preparations, it is even more important to do the same in matters of our faith. What do we need to survive spiritually when the familiar and stable parts of life vanish? We need less than we have been led to believe.  Like the lessons I learned about being prepared for the unthinkable, we need to make sure we are not relying on a crypto currency version of faith that will not be there when we need it most.


  1. Jamie

    It’s funny you posted this today.

    I had been thinking along those lines awhile back. I love to read and study all aspects of scripture. Most of what I use, out of convenience, are online research platforms and ebooks I’ve purchased over the years.

    I recently went thru and purchased hard copies of all my ebooks and references I use to study with online.

    I love to study and be deep in His word. And to think a power outage or censorship could take that connection away from me was enough motivation to ensure I could continue to study through any situation.

    My first pepper items were books!!!! lololol vines, concordance, a collection of rashis commentary, the apocryphal books, history books, etymological dictionaries, Hebrew commentaries. I wish I could take a picture of the books I amassed thru ebay lol shelving became an issue 😉

    I didn’t want that connection to Him to be put in a place of uncertainty.

    Then the normal grid down stuff came into the house and cars.

    Last night I was thinking about the worship music I love listening to… lol… I’m looking at the sheet music this morning. I can play a few instruments, but my worship times have been centered around electronic devices. So…sheet music is coming into the fray and I’m putting down the device and playing the instruments I have more now.

    As I’m reading your post I hear the same current that runs thru my spirit. I understand. Thank you for being bold and posting this, it encourages me to hear someone as seasoned and wise as you speak of things I thought I was slightly crazy for acting on.

    Much love in Christ

  2. John Anderson II

    In 2006, Apple announced that they were migrating the iMac computer line from Motorola to Intel chipsets. Motorola was failing to provide a path to the future that offered enough compute power for Apple’s customer base. Last year, Apple announced that they were migrating from Intel to M1 chipsets. The M1 offers comparable compute power but requires only 10% of the battery power needed by Intel chips.

    How? The M1 is a Simpler architecture. Its power is concentrated on vital (core) tasks, and it specializes in simplifying the computer’s most complex tasks – graphics for human interaction.

    Simplifying our faith increases the power available for faithful service to our King and His Kingdom.


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