Stepping Out of the Rut

by | Nov 24, 2021 | Prophetic | 2 comments

There are times when we are asked by the Lord to move beyond what we are known for to engage a completely new life-assignment. It is easy to settle into a known reputation or long-held position thinking it is a forever assignment and fail to miss an opportunity for something new. Ruts are those paths we continue to walk in without being open to change.

Jesus is still saying, “Come, follow Me.”  These invitations to follow Him are not limited to our salvation. Some of His invitations ask us to step out of a familiar rut to engage a new and unfamiliar assignment. These new assignments can be something we had never considered as a possibility until the invitation was offered.


  1. John James Anderson

    One wag described a rut as a “grave with the ends kicked out” – so true!

    • Tim

      We had a recent assignment change that was and still is you might say busting our ruts…


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