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Throughout history, there has always been a policing presence used by governments or coalitions of governments to enforce the dictates of an invading power. The Babylonians and Romans used their governors and soldiers to occupy and force the compliance and submission of Israel. Attila the Hun and Napoleon followed suit. Nazi Germany advanced across Europe and inserted its troops into neighboring nations as an occupying force to fulfill their illusion of world dominance.

Someday we might see blue-helmeted soldiers from the UN walking the streets of America to enforce the mandates of that international body or Chinese troops marching in goose-step across a nation compromised by political inbreeding and compliance with evil. History is filled with such scenarios. We tend to believe, naively, that our generation will be immune from the possibility of such control.

It has become acceptable in some circles of faith to ignore and even demean the mention of these possibilities. Raising these concerns seems sophomoric to the intellectual elite and their supporting media, something akin to a hickish expression of faith. For the emotionally and spiritually timid, these considerations have been put under the label of fearmongering.

People have been groomed to believe evil will not attempt once again to raise its ugly head in our generation. We have put false confidence in our military to always be able to protect us from invasion. It is equally foolish to think that by simply electing a new government we can somehow insulate ourselves from such threats and go on forever living uninterrupted in our preferred lifestyle. So, what can we do?

The Lord is calling us individually to repent of our sins and pursue justice and mercy on a personal level. We have focused too much on “them” or “those people” who we believe stand in opposition to God’s will. We have overly focused on things outside the condition of our hearts. 

A revival of the Church or a reformation of culture only happens one person at a time. To properly prepare for what might come requires personal preparation – an inward preparation that examines the condition of our hearts and makes any needed adjustments. We can vote, speak, or preach, but if we have not prepared our hearts what we attempt to accomplish will not have the power of the Spirit behind those efforts. They will prove futile and frustrating. Walking humbly before God and seeking His will above all else is our greatest protection against an invasion of our souls, and ultimately, an invasion of the soul of our nation. 


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