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While the world is spinning out of control and moving toward greater expressions of darkness, we need to reexamine our moorings. Like a ship resting in a safe harbor, we can only remain in that safe place if the lines of our spiritual moorings have been made secure in the unchanging nature of God and the integrity of His unchanging word. Each compromise of Scripture and each reforming of God into our image cuts away at our moorings and will eventually sever those lines casting us adrift. An unmoored life will slowly move toward the open sea of spiritual conflict where we will be alone trusting only in our natural ability to navigate and relying on the integrity of the compromised hull of human intellect.

As the intensity of national and international drama intensifies, step off the vessel of your life and stand on the dock. Check your mooring lines once again to make sure they are secure. What is coming will test the lines we rely on to secure our docking in a safe harbor. At some point, the coming storm will enter even the harbor. Only lives tied securely to God and His word will be safe.

Like it was in the days of Noah, many will mock you for checking your mooring lines, even fellow believers who have succumbed to the spirit of the age. Those mocking voices have been adrift floating in the harbor for some time not realizing they are drifting toward the open sea. This is not a time to live in the illusion of assumption. Get up and step out onto the dock and check your mooring lines. A storm is coming.


  1. Julie Bowman

    Thank you Garris

  2. Linda

    Oh Wow Garris..such a Good Word !

  3. Jonathan Khan

    Indeed a storm is coming, and to some it is already here! It behooves us to hunker down, fasten and harden ourselves around the fundamentals of our faith. Let us not be ignorant of going adrift like Samson, not realizing when we are disconnected from God’s anointing. Only being aware of this dire reality when we are in the enemy’s grip. It is time to adhere to apostolic foundations with forging prophetic grace. It is time to prepare to weather the storm in Jesus’ name!

    Yours in Christ,
    Apostle Jonathan Khan.


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