A Summons For Your Voice

by | Sep 16, 2014 | Church, Faith, Family, Fear, Love | 0 comments

Your unique ethnicity, gender or social status does not provide you with superior insight into the issues of life. Your humanity is what makes your contribution valuable.  Paul told the church in Ephesus that God created “one new people” in Christ to become a single body with a unique and redeeming voice in culture.

You are free to speak about racial issues, not because you wear the same skin color as the oppressed.  You are free to speak because you bear the same image as the Creator and the ones being oppressed. You are free to speak out when the opposite gender is denied expression because in this “one new people” the labels of male and female no longer apply.  You are free to move between the different levels of social strata, from rich to poor, educated and uneducated, valuing each person for who they are as a person, not by their position or possessions.

This is a summons for your voice to be heard in the courts of culture. You have felt you had no right to speak about issues that were not unique to your circumstance of life. That lie has limited your impact and your contribution.  As you test these new waters walk with wisdom and patience.  Draw your vocabulary from the dictionary of this “one new people” and your voice will carry a new authority and gain a new audience.  When you speak your words will be empowered by the breath of God’s Spirit.


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