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In a life of faith. it is important to know when to put the brakes on and when to accelerate. Without that knowledge, we will collide with things we could have avoided.

I remember being trained as a young cop how to drive defensively. Our trainer was a man with a Southern drawl who crewed for Richard Petty of stock car racing fame. One day on a defensive driving course our trainer taught us how to avoid an obstacle in our path while traveling at 55 mph. 

In the maneuver, we had to avoid an obstacle in our lane, change lanes safely, and keep moving forward without spinning out. A cone was placed on the track designating the obstacle. We were to approach the cone at 55 mph and then do something I had never considered. At the cone, we were instructed to do a hard tap on the brakes and then turn the steering wheel abruptly to avoid the cone. Immediately after the brake tap, we were instructed to punch the accelerator as we turned into the next lane.

Tapping the brakes and accelerating did two things. First, the braking pressed the tires hard against the pavement to increase traction. The tires of my patrol vehicle became glued to the pavement. At that point, we turned our steering wheel sharply into the next lane while hitting the accelerator. During the acceleration portion of the maneuver, the same thing took place. My tires maintained their traction through the turn. Without my tires pressing tight against the pavement through all aspects of the turn, I would have spun out. At the beginning of the training day, such a maneuver made no sense to me. When we finished our training session, it made complete sense.

In our lives when we come upon an unexpected obstacle in our path, at first, we are shocked. Many times, we simply slam on the emotional brakes and come to a skidding stop when the Lord wanted us not to stop but to change lanes and keep moving.

When a marriage fails, a deep betrayal takes place in a friendship, or a financial crisis appears in the roadway of our lives, these events will not become fatal crashes if we believe life exists beyond these painful experiences. God can help us change lanes and keep going if we learn how to cultivate a belief that a life of hope exists beyond such sorrows. 

Faith, like defensive driving, involves learning how to maneuver around impossible odds change lanes, and keep living. Our defensive driving trainer said something profound. He said, “Your car can do a lot more than you realize if you have been properly trained.” The same is true for our faith.


  1. Julie Bowman

    Profound example! Loved this analogy’ Garris. Thank you

  2. Opa

    Now there is an encouragement. Thank you. Will revisit this post.

  3. Embarassed Me

    I really needed to hear this today. I hit the breaks and stopped moving.

    It hurt too much.

    I was talking w God today about what it would look like to try again.

    Im not sure what my different lane looks like?

    There is no one to talk to about what has happened and how to move beyond that. Everytime i attempt to go thru a program or ministry to work thru the events… it ends in disaster.

    The events themseleves were taumatic enf…without adding traumatic ministry and counseling ontop of it?

    Im the only common denomiator in the messes, so i know im the problem. I dont know how to *not* be the problem.

    Deliverance and healing ministries have compilied hurt after hurt…now just going to church is difficult….honestly its impossible. Its like having church ptsd. I dont use that term mildly either. I cant even make it in the parkinglot anymore. I sit in my van in the drivway wanting to go…but never leaving. Just..bawling.

    I am finding it difficult to be around people, not just church/church people now. I dont want to be like this

    Im a hot mess and i know it. I dont know how to get unstuck. I have an abusive family im no contact w. A crumbling marriage and live in a state far from home and never made friends here.

    I tried church here, but the same thing happened again. And again.

    I want to try again…keep going…change lanes so bad my heart aches but i find mysepf afraid of trying. I dont want to make any more messes.

    How do you find a new lane? What does that look like?

    How do you accelerate beyond the event?

    How do you stop repeating the past?

  4. Debbie

    You will never know what this post just spoke to me. Such encouragement. God’s arrow right to the target.


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