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There are situations where the words “overwhelming evidence” are used to describe a crowd bias, not the complete truth of a matter. These lynch mobs feed off cultural emotion, not the wisdom of the Spirit. A mob will rush to the jail of bias to overcome due process and take away the offender prematurely for lynching in the public square. A rush to judgment is never a full and complete representation of the truth.

Before we choose to join an unruly crowd and toss a rope over the nearest tree limb to lynch our preferred guilty party, we need to hear all sides of a case, in-depth. Justice and its required timing are an obstacle for an emotionally charged and impatient lynch mob.

“The first to speak in court sounds right— until the cross-examination begins” (Proverbs 18:17).

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  1. John Anderson II

    Unfortunately, we do this in churches, denominations and Christian movements – and legitimatize “status quo” or even hateful “cancel culture” sentiment that resists being challenged by scripture or even critical thinking.

    Jamar Tisby carefully documents the speeches, writings and teachings of pastors and theologians whose aberrant doctrine and fearful hate stoked racism from the days of the Civil War to the present day.

    Anyone can let themselves be manipulated into silently following mob rule. It takes courage to think for oneself and to offer meaningful dissent.


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