A Tempered Passion

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As a young man, I trained in several forms of
martial arts. My last sensei (teacher)
was a man we respectfully called, “Sensei Montero”. He was a humble man who
carried advanced black belt degrees in several different fighting styles.  He was what some would call a senior
citizen.  He carried a lethality few would dare to challenge. I never forgot a conversation I had with
Sensei Montero. I asked him about people
who stopped training, “Will they lose it?” Sensei Montero said, “No, they never
completely lose it. It is like a pot of tea. The tea may grow cold, but it will still pour.”

While this wise man shared a natural truth with
me He unknowingly shared a spiritual truth. 
Some of us can spiritually cool over time.  We begin to settle for a life of tempered
passion.  One way this cooling takes
place is in the expression of God’s power through our lives. The Spirit’s
presence still remains within us, but the release of its potential and power cools
over time through a lack of belief and use. 

God wants to make you hot with His presence.  He wants to pour His power on culture through your
life with signs, wonders and miracles.  2,000
years ago on the Day of Pentecost Peter said it was these three elements that
endorsed the life of Jesus. That same endorsement of signs wonders and miracles
awaits the Church today that bears His name.

If you have grown cool and predictable in your
life of faith ask God for a fresh anointing of His power.  Ask Him to endorse your presence on earth with
things that can only happen if God shows up in power. Don’t settle for a tepid
response to the needs of a broken world when only the hot power of God’s Spirit
is capable of burning through the lies that hold people captive.  What God is about to do on the earth will
require a Church on fire with His presence. You can still pour, but God wants to
give you more.


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