We have moved into
a new season of human history where the wise will make critical adjustments in
the way they chose to think and live. To prepare for life in this new reality,
God wants to rapidly mature some who have become slack in their faith.  This slackness came because hope was lost
through betrayal, sorrow or abuse. As a result, you gave up. This will be a
season of supernatural catch up where the grace of God will be extended to you
in unusual measure. Grace is offering you a second chance and with that second
chance will come an accelerated maturity.

Your spiritual maturity
is not based on chronological time in some religious group.  Your history does not mature you. Living a
certain number of years does not make a person mature.  Gray hair is not a guarantee. Spiritual maturity
is measured by the length of time between the realization of your sin and your willingness
to repent.  The length of this cycle is
what measures maturity. The shorter the duration of this cycle – void of
delaying excuses and justifications – is what defines a mature person.

God is poised and
ready to accelerate your life, but He first needs from you a willing and
pliable heart in order to begin the process. 
Once you give God permission to begin this new work, the resulting
acceleration of your maturity will begin to touch every area of your life. As
you choose to live this kind of yielded life you will find yourself arriving in
places of spiritual maturity you had previously thought impossible.  Once this level of maturity takes place you
will give God the glory for something only His grace could have made possible.


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