Accelerating Uphill

by | Jul 15, 2014 | Faith, Father, Freedom, Hope, Trust | 1 comment

You are at that place in your journey where the final leg – a steep hill – is now before you. You have peddled long and hard throughout this last season. You don’t have much energy left and now you are facing this one last uphill grade before something new comes.

There is a saying among bicyclists, “The biggest and meanest dogs live at the top of the steepest hills.” Translated into everyday language this means the attack will come when you are the most fatigued and traveling at the slowest speed. The steep hill becomes you place of vulnerability – your place of ambush.

You have feared this approaching hill. You want to imagine how good it will feel to coast down the other side through the refreshing air that awaits you on the downhill run, but there is one problem. You have believed the lie about the big dog at the top of the hill for the entire ride.

God is about to change how this last leg of the journey is accomplished. He is releasing a new infusion of strength – a supernatural strength – that will actually cause you to accelerate uphill past the waiting ambush and over the top. God in you will accomplish this last climb. God’s gift of supernatural strength will be a gift to you for your faithfulness and love for Him in this last leg of a long journey.

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  1. Unknown

    Thank you Father God, Thank you Pastor Garris.


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