Your Missed Gear

by | Jul 16, 2014 | Forgiveness, Future, Hope, Identity, Miracles, Repentance | 0 comments

Your life resembles a muscle car with lots of
power and potential. God wants you to get all the performance you can out of
what He has entrusted to you.

Recently, you tried to shift your life into a
higher gear and you missed it.  While you
tried to find the right gear your life sounded like the grinding transmission of
a car whose gears were out of synch with each other.  This produced lots of noise and commotion.
Your missed attempt to find a higher gear caused everyone watching your life to
wonder what happened.

You have a choice. You can give up and let your
life coast to a stop or you can try again to find the gear you missed.  You can do this. Your life was designed to
work having all its parts and relationships fully engaged and functioning. We
all miss a new gear from time to time. 
Don’t let your embarrassment of this one noisy experience keep you from
trying again. There is a long road ahead filled with future opportunities and
God wants you in the highest gear possible ready for what is coming.


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