I am sensing a prophetic release is taking place in our nation. Unusually detailed prophecies are being prepared for delivery to unlikely sources. A prophetic special ops team is being assembled with detailed plans for deployment against unseen and deeply embedded deceptions. The resulting action of these words will be the rescue of individuals and systems of culture held captive under their deceptive influence. 

This word came to me while I was listening to an interview of a Navy SEAL team leader describing a successful operation.  The SEAL team was tasked with the rescue of a downed pilot. After capturing an enemy combatant and the completion of a detailed interrogation, they were able to gather enough actionable intelligence to plan a rescue and get the pilot out of enemy territory alive. Actionable intelligence is information that has enough substance and verification to reduce the risk to the rescue team and increase the probability of a successful outcome for the operation. 

As I considered the words “actionable intelligence” the Lord said we have entered a time when detailed actionable prophetic intelligence regarding works of darkness will be delivered to the Church. This is another level of prophecy that will move beyond words of encouragement and comfort. This will be a tactical form of prophecy with a mission goal to uncover the secrets of evil activity that are functioning contrary to the will of God. It will announce the plans of the enemy in time to launch surprise rescue raids to recover those held captive in places of spiritual and social imprisonment.

The successful delivery of this kind of prophecy will require a depth of character in the ones who carry these words. This actionable prophecy must be handled with great humility so that its delivery and execution is not sullied by human pride and self-promotion.

Actionable prophecy will require courage to publicly deliver. These words will be akin to Noah announcing a coming flood that no one believed possible or took seriously. When delivered, deeply embedded culture-wide deceptions will be unearthed shifting the lines of authority of the entrenched power structures within our economy and politics. 

Unlikely voices will be called to the prophetic microphone in the coming days. The actionable prophecy delivered by these courageous ones will bring glory to God because no human prediction could have revealed the detailed paths of rescue these words will deliver.

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