God’s Promise Clock

by | Jan 12, 2019 | Deliverance, Discipline, Faith, Future, Joy, Marriage, Restoration, Trust, Vision. | 0 comments

This morning, I got down on our living room floor to do a plank workout. I do this every day to strengthen my core. When I do planks, I use the stopwatch function on my iPhone to measure the duration for each plank I perform. Today, I went to set my stopwatch and noticed it was still running from the day before. It was just coming up on the 22-hour mark and counting. I had not reset the stopwatch yesterday when I was done working out and it kept faithfully measuring the time until I hit the reset button.

My stopwatch reminded me of the words of hope and promise we all receive from time-to-time. We can easily forget them when life gets busy or we become emotionally derailed. The time of fulfillment for every promise was set in motion the moment God spoke them into existence. They are still moving forward even when we forget. God has not forgotten any of the promises He made over our lives. The moment He uttered them to us, Heaven’s promise clock was set in motion. 

Today, check the spiritual timers that were set in motion for the promises God made about your life. You will discover that God’s clock of promise is still running. The time of fulfillment is approaching.


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