Adjusted Vision

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God is making small adjustments to bring about greater clarity. What is out of focus is about to become clear.

Three months ago, I scheduled an eye exam. During the exam, I found out I needed a new prescription, so I purchased some new glasses. I picked out a frame and the technician marked the lens to help create a perfect fit. I was told my new glasses would be ready in about an hour.

When I picked up my new glasses and put them on it felt like the many times before when I was getting used to a new set of progressive lens. I needed to give my eyes a few days to adjust to the new prescription. In this time of adjustment, it is not like you are seeing things really blurred or out of focus. Your field of vision is just not right for a few days. If you give it time your eyes will eventually adjust.

After two months my glasses still did not feel right. It was not that I was unable to read signs at a distant. I could, but it took some work. So, I returned to the business and asked the manager to check my glasses. I handed them over and into the back room she went where technicians and machines create new glasses.

Several minutes later she returned and said, “I am so sorry. One of your lenses was 3 degrees out of alignment.” I asked, “How could you tell?” She went on to describe a machine she used called a lensometer that checks to see if a lens is correctly positioned in a frame. After the correction was made, I put my readjusted glasses on and looked out the window. Viola! Everything in the distance was clear. It took no effort to see the smallest of details. My eyes began to relax and so did I. I thanked the technician and left the store a happy customer.

Your outlook on life can be only a few degrees off from how God wants you to see people and culture. You might not know you are out of alignment. These small errors in alignment will prevent you from seeing with clarity what is really taking place. We can settle for less than perfect spiritual sight and think that is a livable condition. It’s not. God wants us to see with perfectly aligned clarity.

The level of insight you possessed in the last season of life will not provide the clarity needed for the new season you have just entered. Don’t settle for anything less than absolute clarity. Ask God to show you where you are not seeing people and circumstances with His eyes. You will know that God has adjusted your vision when you no longer need to strive and squint to see what is taking place in the world around you. Once God makes this adjustment, you will be able to move forward with a new confidence that comes from greater clarity.


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