Every lie about your identity in Christ has been uttered with a purpose. The enemy plans to use his lies to herd you toward an ambush where the destruction of your faith lies in wait. It is time to stop believing the lies and running in panic. God wants you to uproot these lies from the landscape of your life and begin to follow the path of hope and faith, not fear and panic.

The native people in the arctic regions of the earth used an innovative technique to hunt reindeer, the main source of their food supply. It would be virtually impossible for a hunter to approach a herd of reindeer crossing a vast glacier field to get within range of a bow and arrow. Something called scaring sticks was devised. These sticks got their name as in someone being scared of something.

A scaring stick was a wooden stick approximately three tall. At the top of the stick was a short line attached to a small piece of wood that would move back and forth in the wind. To a reindeer anything that moved in these featureless and frozen fields of ice represented danger. The sticks were used to scare the reindeer and cause them to stampede in a pre-planned direction. The scaring sticks were inserted in long rows like upright fence posts. Hundreds of scaring sticks were positioned in a curving pattern to literally herd the running reindeer toward a waiting ambush where hunters could release their fatal arrows. It was a brilliant tactic.

Are you running through life under the influence of a lie? Where have your scaring sticks been placed? What lie has scared you and caused you to run in fear instead of standing in faith? Fear is not your assignment. You have not been called to run with the cultural herd currently running in panic under the influence of a lie. Stop and take a moment to reassess why this is happening. Give God a chance to show you the craftiness of the enemy who has set in motion an ambush. He will show you the enemy’s plan to bring you within fatal range of the lies you have believed.  An ambush of hell is waiting to pierce your heart with deception and rob you of your faith. God has another plan.

Resist the herd mentality of fear. No one is immune from its influence. Only the wise will survive this stampede. Fear is not your calling. Break away from the herd and run free under the influence of God’s Spirit.



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