All is Stripped Away

by | Jan 6, 2021 | Prophetic | 1 comment

This morning, I recalled a line in the lyrics of the worship song, The Heart of Worship, that was popular a few years ago. That one line was “All is stripped away.”

In the stripping away of things we value or aspire to, we are never left alone and exposed in the process. We still have the Lord to worship, and in that place of worship, we are covered with a joy that cannot be found anywhere apart from a relationship with Jesus Christ. In those moments, He alone must be enough, or our faith will falter, and we will enter a place of despair.

If you feel a stripping away is taking place of the things you value don’t allow fear to lead your response. The stripping away is part of the process of maintaining and cultivating your spiritual health.

Nothing, no goal, no agenda, no dream deserves our worship. The Lord is the only one worthy of our worship, and our hope. When all is stripped away, we will never stand naked and exposed. In those moments, we are covered in a supernatural strength and hope that only a follower of Jesus Christ can experience.

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  1. Angela Kerns

    You are so right!

    “Nothing, no goal, no agenda, no dream deserves our worship.”

    Nothing but Jesus, our Lord, and Savior.

    Help us, Holy Spirit, to rely only on You!
    At this time and forevermore.


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