Processing the Day After

by | Jan 7, 2021 | Prophetic | 3 comments

After the events that took place yesterday in our nation’s capital, I could no longer sleep and arose just after 2:00 am. My soul was restless. I needed a spiritual reset before I began walking through all the emotional debris and comments that today will surely bring. 

After I prayed, and read the Word, I began to read some of the blessings written by my wife, Jan, in her book of blessings crafted from the prophet Isaiah. It was as if the words of the blessing were written just for me this morning after a day of social discord. I share the blessing with you in hopes it might be a template through which you can begin to process your own life-response and find a way forward.


In the name of Jesus Christ, I bless your spirit.

Trust in His nature and disposition, trust that His throne, His government, and His decision-making is just, trust that His word is true.

To choose human alternatives will prove worthless; to look for security elsewhere will prove meaningless.

To be cynical of God’s message of rest as unrealistic and too simplistic means we will embrace a message of terror instead.

When we put our trust in something or someone other than God, thinking we are immune from trouble and that we thought of every contingency – covered all the bases, got expert advice, protected ourselves from disaster – is to hide under a covering of lies. We might as well sign our own death warrants!

May you listen to the word of the Lord and be kept from going the wrong way – a way full of hazardous stumbling, going backward not forward, with no hope of escape.

Surrounded by God’s wealth of love, be blessed with true security. He offers a resting place for you. Follow in His footsteps to an oasis of peace and to quiet brooks of refreshing, where you can catch your breath.

He will send you in the right direction. all your stumbling ways will be divinely healed as you go His way and walk on His paths.


  1. candy rae shank

    Such an empowering message today, thank you!

  2. Angela Kerns

    Thank you for sharing this blessing!

  3. Jeff McLeod

    Timely and perfect for these troublesome times; Thank You!


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