When the sound of God’s voice entered the formless and empty void of nothingness and said, “Let there be light”, a creative expansion began to take place. The sound of God’s voice penetrated the nothingness releasing the supernatural forward motion of creation. Out at the collapsing edge of nothingness is where a newly created order is being established and advanced. The ever-advancing sound of God’s voice is actively creating new worlds and realms as it overcomes nothingness. 

The effect of God’s voice is an expanding frontier of light.  Ahead of that expanding light and continually welcoming its arrival is the presence of God that has always filled all things in all dimensions. 

When you speak in the name of God, you tap into the same incomprehensibly profound expansion that was released in the original creation. Never lessen the impact of a spoken word by allowing disbelief to silence your voice. As a child of God, your voice has been assigned to create with the same creative potential as your Heavenly Father. The resulting effect and expansion of a word released in faith are always beyond any measurement of human logic and reasoning. You serve an awe-inspiring God.


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