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I watched a video of two guys fishing off the coast of Cape Cod when an earthquake took place. The noise they heard was other-worldly. From their reactions, you can see the fishermen had no context for the sound.

The video reminds me of what it might be like when a supernatural event transpires in which we have no place in our rational minds to understand or process what we are experiencing. This might be an event like a major shift in the governments of Earth by a movement of God’s Spirit or a dramatic heavenly invasion of angelic beings crossing over the dividing veil and changing the course of human history.

The majority of what a life of faith looks like is accomplished within our predictable and faithful daily routines of life without an earth-shaking effect. It is simply good people doing good things every day trying to honor God and love people the best they can. Scripture tells us other events initiated by God will take place that we have no known context to comprehend what we are experiencing. We will all stand stunned. I keep sensing our generation is about to experience such an event.

If we have the Spirit of God living within us and we have lived a life of submission under His Lordship, while our first response might be a sense of shock, it will quickly give way to hope and excitement when we realize God is at work.  

“You are the God of great wonders! You demonstrate your awesome power among the nations” (Psalm 77:14).


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