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Forecasting the future based on the assumptions of the past is a grave error. A global shift of power is taking place and moving eastward away from the historic familiarity of western prominence. A developing alliance of economies and military resources in the east will define a new and unsettling future using their combined resources to set in motion a plan to dominate and control the world. 

For the last year, my wife, Jan, has been speaking of a coming boomerang effect – a reversal of hell’s plan to dominate and control the nations of the world. Other prophetic voices are seeing the same boomerang image. The political puppets being used in this effort will experience an unexpected return of the boomerang of their evil plan striking its proponents in astounding and devastating displays of God’s power. 

The boomerang of evil is already in flight. Its path will be interrupted and the boomerang diverted by the prayers of the saints and the heart of God. Never underestimate the power of prayer. It can shift the trajectory of evil no matter how daunting that evil might appear.


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