An Alarm Has Been Set

by | Jul 12, 2015 | Spiritual Warfare, Supernatural | 0 comments

At some point, in order to effectively love a culture beyond simply matching the well-intentioned acts of kindness offered by a local service group, we must realize we have been called to deal with what Paul described in Ephesians as “spiritual forces of evil in high places”. These spiritual forces are not empowered from a visible place of human influence held by an elected political figure or by the efforts of a group whose self-proclaimed goal is to redirect the thinking of society.   We are dealing with demonic powers that exist and rule from the invisible realm of the spirit world influencing those on earth who either deny their existence or knowingly submit to their authority. 

Something is about to change. God has set an alarm in the heart of His people that will soon awaken those asleep in the slumber of ignorance and deception. When these awakened ones rise they will see for the first time the actual battle taking place.  Like someone receiving a shot of spiritual adrenaline, they will begin to move in a demonstration of great power against these unseen dark powers. They will lay down the natural weapons of human warfare they had previously employed that only sapped their strength and destroyed their testimony. These awakened ones will pick up the superior weapons of God’s Kingdom that have been designed and empowered to destroy the works of darkness.  These warriors will move past the veil of what can only be seen and judged with natural sight and step onto a spiritual battlefield where a real and lasting victory is waiting for those who no longer live in a state of spiritual slumber.


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