Prophetic Principles – Avoid the Invitation to Join the Fight

by | Jul 13, 2015 | Peace, Prophecy, Trust | 0 comments

There will be times when the intensity of certain social issues or the condition of culture will create unrestrained and passionate responses from people – even those who claim to speak for God.  In these intense seasons of social dialogue people will demand a response from those who walk in the gift of prophecy.  These are times to be especially careful.

Human passion and cultural decay does not make heaven nervous. This has been the human condition since creation.  In these times a true prophetic voice will wait for the Lord to provide a message instead of jumping on the latest emotional bandwagon and producing words designed to tickle impatient ears.

Your voice is not yours alone – it belongs to God.  Do not let what you speak be taken hostage by the agenda of others. Avoid the invitation to join a chorus not orchestrated by God.  When the current cultural flap and fervor is over and the masses have moved on to the next battle, you will still have your credibility intact because it was God, not the undisciplined passion of well-meaning people, that gave you the script for your words.


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