Recently, I was on a conference call with a group of prophets from across the United States. Some of our friends were under attack. We gathered to pray and prophesy over their ministry. It was a powerful time.

As we prayed, I heard the words, “Ambush averted!” What had been planned by the enemy as an ambush to take out our friends, would fail. God had a plan for blessing and increased ministry potential that was far greater than any ambush hell could plan and attempt to execute.

As the word came about an averted ambush, I saw an image like one of those old black and white cowboy westerns where someone was about to ride their horse up a box canyon where an ambush was waiting. In the box canyon, they would be trapped with no hope of escape. It was sure death. At a fork in the trail leading to the entrance of the box canyon, the lone rider responded to an internal nudge and took another route leaving the ambush waiting and wondering what happened to the rider. Their deadly plan fell apart.

Some of you reading these words may be riding into an ambush. It could be a relational or spiritual ambush. You do not know it has been planned. You think life will go on as it has in the past without ever considering an ambush is waiting just ahead. 

Hell is always planning an ambush for those who are making a difference in God’s Kingdom. You will be safe and directed away from these evil plans if you continue to seek the Lord at every turn of life.  Assumption and complacency will cause you to not interpret your spiritual reality and will leave you situationally unaware of what is taking place.

God is faithful. He will show you which fork in the road to take that will keep you safe. The ambush planned for your arrival will come to nothing because the route God has planned will direct you away from the enemy’s plan. God will lead you through a passage in the mountains of opposition into a place of greater Kingdom potential. That was the word we gave our friend during the conference call, and that is a word I give to each of you who are reading these words. Your greatest asset and place of safety will be your intimacy with God. 


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