I have given up 10,000 times and tried again 10,001. Knowing with God I always had another chance for a restart helped me get up and take the next step even when it felt like my fear was larger than my faith. In times of self-doubt, I forgot that faith as small as a mustard seed has a greater potential than a mountain range of fear.

Each time I got up and tried again, it was never based on my personal fortitude. It wasn’t about sucking it up and moving forward in my own strength. Getting up after our lives fall apart is about coming to grips with the profound meaning of forgiveness, grace, and hope. These three are the only true and trusted portals into the future after failure. Our failures, no matter how large, are never without the hope of a restart. 

Your future is bright if you follow the light of God’s love and move past your 10,000th failure to believe that another opportunity is waiting just ahead. God never becomes impatient with His children because He wore a body like ours and understands our struggle. It is time to get up and move forward. Your 10,001 chance to try again is awaiting your arrival.


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