Shortly after rising this morning, the word “unleashed” came to mind. It’s not a word I typically use in my vocabulary so it got my attention. I let it rest. Then it came to me again. I had a general idea what the word means but went to a dictionary to unpack its definition thinking the Lord had something He wanted to say.

To unleash something can mean several things. It has been defined as,  “to let loose”, “to set in motion forcefully” or “to free from a restraint.” Leashes are not always visible. Some of the most dangerous and controlling leashes are only seen in the realm of the Spirit. Those under the control of a leash may not even know they are being controlled thinking being controlled.

A leash can be a physical restraint placed on someone by a controlling person, group or institution. It can also be a mindset of fear as strong as a heavy chain leash that weighs down our hope so much that we give up and walk away from our destiny.

Today, unleash your life from any and every restraint not directed by the Spirit. You were meant to live off-leash only responding to the sound of the Master’s voice. Any controlling presence leashed to your life needs to be removed. You were created to run free within the sphere of God’s revelation.


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