Recently, the Lord asked me to unclutter my life and ministry. The Lord began this process so I could be free to focus on just a few things that would release the greatest potential for Kingdom impact. 

In the de-cluttering, I discovered a new term, “re-wilding”. Re-wilding is a process of returning land and creatures to their natural environment. It has been used in over-worked farmland and with species of birds that were released back into the wild after being restored to health following an injury. New habitat and bio-diversity are created as the result of re-wilding.

I have experienced four personal Pentecost moments over the last 40 years. Each time God had to come and set me free from the non-essentials I had accumulated. These encounters with God re-wilded my faith. He returned me to a simple, Spirit-empowered environment. In that simplicity, a reordering took place that brought with it the blessing of a refocused life and mission. 

In these encounters, I returned to the habitat of the Spirit, a place of miraculous possibilities we can miss because the clutter of life has wrapped itself around us binding us emotionally and spiritually. We become like an animal trapped inside a piece of discarded plastic trash. 

If you feel bound by the clutter of life, ask the Rescuer to come and set you free. Give Him permission to re-wild your faith. God will be faithful to nurture you back to health and release you to fly in the Spirit over new terrain you thought impossible when the clutter of life had you bound. 


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