Ancient Conflicts

by | Nov 29, 2020 | Prophetic | 1 comment

When followers of Christ focus only on the battles being fought in the earthly realm between political and religious spirits, they will have little Kingdom impact on the affairs of culture. The conflicts we currently see being played out on the national and world stage are reflections of a greater and more intense conflict taking place in the spiritual realm. The overly zealous and misinformed participants in these earthbound battles are pawns being used by ancient spirits who have been at work since Creation to delude the minds of humanity. Each human conflict throughout history has been an attempt to thwart the will of God on Earth, even duping people of faith to assign their will and allegiance to the promises offered by a lesser kingdom. We are in the middle of one of those intense battles at this moment in history. If you are a follower of Christ, make sure the conflict to which you have enlisted your service is one Heaven has ordained and declared as a righteous conflict. All other forms of allegiance will only produce sorrow and disillusionment. 

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  1. Angela Kerns

    You are right on! Thank you Garris! I don’t want to be deluded into thinking the battle being waged is the one I must participate in… I leave it for God to handle. Oh Lord, help me stand firm in faith with You, above all else.


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