For the Tired, Exhausted, and Disgusted Ones

by | Nov 30, 2020 | Prophetic | 1 comment

I want to speak to those of you who are tired, exhausted, and disgusted by the current state of affairs. Relief is coming. 

You have become fatigued by the relentless attacks taking place from both sides of critical social issues. It seems never to end, and no resolution is in sight. You are exhausted by the disputes taking place over nit-picking matters of theology and religious preferences. Friends have walked away after you expressed an opposing opinion and you have been left with a feeling of betrayal and abandonment. All of these issues, and others, have reduced a life of faith to on-going disputes empowered by one-upmanship and gotchas proof-texts and “facts” offered to support personal preference.

These struggles will continue to accelerate in number and intensity as we move closer toward a cultural reformation. These challenges have become a dark merry-go-round of impossible to resolve experiences designed to rob us of our joy. There have been moments when, if you are honest with yourself, you have wanted to turn your back on all of it and walk away. What you once were told was so important, you can no longer engage because it has become an unrelenting drain on the health of your soul. 

There is, however, a very positive side to all the negativity. In your fatigue, you have become a candidate for something new and refreshing, something beyond what your fatigued soul and mind can imagine. You have arrived at this place no longer able to offer anything that can lift you out of this feeling of discouragement and disgust. It is now God’s turn to intervene in your life.  

The Lord is bringing together a tired and exhausted group of believers under the banner of His love and mercy. He is gathering this group to refresh them and introduce them to a faith so simple and uncomplicated it will appear at first as if they were having a second born-again experience. Perhaps, this is a pre-awakening to the next great move of God. You have permission to walk away from the turmoil. as long as you walk into the arms of the Lord. Your day of refreshing is here

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  1. Angela Kerns

    Amen! So needed this! I am ready for this second born again experience!


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