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This morning, I wrote about our daughter finding my high school graduation ring. It had been hidden away in a storage box for the last 50 years. I had considered it lost. Moments after thanking the Lord for the discovery of my ring, Jan prayed to find her lost engagement ring. Thirty years ago, the diamond fell out of its mount, and we had no idea where the diamond had been lost. Jan put the ring away for safekeeping and only wore her wedding band for the following years. Over the years, she lost track of the ring, and like me, had considered it lost. A few minutes ago, I was fiddling around in our living room and opened a small wooden box high atop a bookshelf. Inside the wooden box was a small velvet ring box. When I opened the ring box there was Jan’s missing engagement ring! We had no idea. In less than 24 hours, the Lord revealed the location of our two lost rings.

As Jan and I took communion, we prayed about the discovery of the two rings and the meaning of their discovery. There is a significance and a similarity between these two discoveries. Both rings were similarly secreted away in boxes waiting for the right time for discovery and each ring had a unique significance as it relates to what is to come in our lives. We sensed the Lord saying that my high school ring signified graduation. Jan’s ring was about engagement. We knew the word attached to the rings was not just for us, but for others who might read these words.  

If this word engages with your heart, the Lord wants to say something to you. You have graduated from a season where you learned valuable lessons that have prepared you to engage a future you do not yet see or fully understand. The Lord is placing upon your hand rings of both graduation and engagement. He has prepared you for what is coming. Your graduation has taken place because you proved yourself faithful and diligent. He is now engaging you with something new that will resemble a love story, not a laborious task associated with a complicated relationship. Prepare to be led to boxes of time that have hidden this moment from your eyes for reasons known only to God. A unique discovery will reward your search. You have graduated and been engaged for such a time as this. 

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