The Ring of authority

by | Dec 4, 2021 | Prophetic | 2 comments

The Lord is reminding the Church of her authority – an authority that some have forgotten and thought to be lost. This authority will be returned to help individuals and nations flourish under the influence of the Kingdom’s principles of truth and justice.

Yesterday, our daughter came to visit. After lunch, Anna was going through some old boxes and found my high school class ring from 1968. I had not seen the ring in 50 years and considered it lost. When I held the ring in my hand, I sensed its arrival came to illustrate what will take place soon within the Church. A return and a reminder of the purpose of our authority will arrive in a dramatic fashion.

Rings play an important role in the biblical narrative. Joseph was given Pharoah’s ring to help save Egypt and Joseph’s family from starvation. The Prodigal Son was given a ring upon his return as a gesture of restoration. One of the most significant images of the use of a ring is recorded in the book of Esther. 

In the book of Esther, Haman hatches a plan to destroy the Jews. King Ahasuerus took the signet ring off his hand and placed it on Haman. He transferred his kingly authority to Haman and with the possession of the ring gave him free rein to persecute the Jews. A copy of the persecution order was then sealed with the king’s ring and dispersed throughout the land. At the end of Haman’s short reign of terror, his evil was exposed, and the ring was removed from his finger and handed to Mordecai the cousin of Esther. It was that newly transferred authority, signified by the possession of the ring, that would cancel Haman’s edict and deliver the Jews.

As a result of that transfer of authority and the righteous execution of its possession, “There was light, joy, jubilation, and honor” (Esther 8:16) in the Jewish people. Because of the dramatic turn of events, the Feast of Purim was established as the date of remembrance.  All of this happened because authority was placed in the hands of someone whom God knew would demonstrate His love and compassion in the land.

We are about to see rings of authority, both in the Church and within culture, transferred from the hands of those who misused their authority and given to those aligned with the heart and mission of God. Some of these transfers will be expected and considered long overdue, others will shock us with their rapidity and with who is involved.   

We have entered historic days where the Lord will remind His people of the purpose of their authority – an authority that will be used to reorder the destiny of individuals, families, and the nations where they live. 


  1. Opa

    One day during worship a fair while ago in church I could clearly visualise the story of he prodigal son.
    I could clearly “see” him receiving a ring on his finger. I took it as encouragement from the Lord as how he sees me etc etc. I never realised the significance of receiving a ring. What you wrote is very encouraging, hope giving and worthy of pondering. That was an a-ha moment. Thank you.

    • Jim Achmoody

      Thanks for this encouraging story and Opa’s comments! Both echo with my personal journey, having been a prodigal and had a couple experiences with losing rings and engagement diamonds in my wife’s ring. Thank the Lord for how He uses our experiences to illustrate and remind us of His Ultimate Story of redemption !! Love the photo of the Mts. !!


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