Early this morning, I received an email with an offer for a Black Friday special sale price on the annual subscription rate for a grammar program I use called Grammarly. The offer included an upgrade to their premium service. I couldn’t pass up the deal. About 30 minutes later, Jan came into our living room for her morning hug, I told her about the upgrade and said, “It’s like having another wife in a grammar sort of way.” We laughed knowing what it is like when each of us is married to a writer and one of us offers the other person a suggestion for grammar or content. 

A proofread document checked for errors is a joy to read. The same applies to our lives. A proofread life is a safe life and one that is easily engaged and understood. Whether it is a loving spouse or faithful friend, we all need someone to take a second look at our life to see what we missed on the first draft. Though it is painful, and at times embarrassing, errors discovered early in both writing and life do less harm when edited out before publication of the final document. A healthy, trustworthy and vibrant spiritual life will welcome the process of proofreading and editing. 


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