Re-Crafting the Sound of Your Voice

by | Nov 23, 2017 | Courage, Freedom, Future, Humility, Intimacy, Kingdom of God, Love, Mercy, Miracles, Pride, Promotion | 0 comments

God created you to make the sound of Heaven on Earth. Paul told the church at Ephesus instead of sounding like immature believers we are to rise to a place of spiritual maturity where we will “speak the truth in love”.  Speaking the truth in love is the evidence Paul used to define maturity to the Ephesians. That same counsel would apply today when we are tempted to join with fellow believers who sail through life without the rudder of self-control and have joined in the dark chorus of the surrounding culture releasing a message fueled by cynicism, disgust, and anger.  That is not the sound of Heaven.

Our voice must have three elements in order to reflect the heart of God. We must speak. It must be the truth. And it must be empowered by a love that seeks the highest good for another person. Any other sound will only produce death, not life.

Today, as you give thanks for the many good things in your life, don’t forget to thank God for the potential of your voice. Ask Him to help you examine the sound and quality of the message you are releasing to those around you. If you need to make an adjustment, do it and move on without guilt and condemnation. 

If you choose to speak the truth in love, hidden doorways of relationship and opportunity will open up before you. As you cross the threshold of these doorways you will walk forward into an unimagined future. The sound of God’s voice created our world. You have that same creative potential. Use it wisely.


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