In the natural world a person is considered
armed and dangerous only if they are armed.  Without a weapon they are not
a danger or a threat. The same holds true in a spiritual sense. Our danger to
the kingdom of darkness is only present when we understand and demonstrate the
authority and power we carry.

When Jesus rose from the dead He was seated at
the right hand of the Father.  All things
were placed under his feet in submission to His authority.  Each person who becomes born again is placed in Christ in His place of authority. 
This new position arms us and makes us a threat to the works of hell.  This is why we are called dual-citizens.  As dual-citizens we can draw upon the
authority of our heavenly position to gain entry into the spiritual strongholds
of this world that are only breached by those armed with the knowledge of the
victory of Jesus Christ. Demons are not afraid of our theology, our varied worship
styles or our church buildings.  They only
fear our authority in Christ.

The Kingdom of God is not a passive
kingdom.  There is an element of aggression
that is inherent in the ever-expanding Kingdom of God.  Paul said our weapons are not physical.  They are spiritual.  Paul’s use of these weapon metaphors defines a
battle mindset. In this kind of warfare we load our weapons with the fruit of
the Spirit to target the works of darkness. The works of the flesh will not fit
into the chamber of God’s weapons.

Today, as you walk the streets of your city you
are packing the serious heat of heaven. Don’t forget what you carry. When you
draw your spiritual weapon and make your presence known, hell will begin to
dive for cover as you walk forward armed and dangerous with the love of God.


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