At the End of Our Ability

by | May 11, 2020 | Hope, Peace, Trust | 0 comments

God is all-powerful. He can change the course of human history by a glance, an upraised hand, or by simply standing up in the middle of what we would consider an impossible situation and bring an abrupt end to what afflicts us. His slightest response without a word literally shouts to what opposes His will, “I have declared this finished. It will go no farther.” 

When we have come to the end of our ability to bring about righteous change, this is where the power of God waits to be displayed. Trust Him with the issues you are facing. He will not leave you alone without a heavenly resolution to the challenges that currently surround your life. Wait in a posture of hopeful trust for Him to move. When this takes place, it will change everything.


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