At That Point

by | Aug 20, 2016 | Culture, Healing, Kingdom of God, Truth, Wisdom | 0 comments

Some people want God to be a judge until they experience a
moment of personal brokenness. At that point they want a God of mercy. Some
people want police officers to be a replica of Barney Fife from Mayberry until
they are faced with a life-threatening situation. At that point that want a
well-equipped, professional and muscular police response. Some people want to
control the rights of another person or group until their rights are
challenged. At that point they want a free and open society where individual
rights are honored.

It is in the space of time called “at that point” where God
has the greatest access to our hearts. This is where mercy, wisdom and
compassion motivates our decisions and seasons our response to those with whom
we disagree. Change outside of this space is forced and
graceless. In an unredeemed space our collective ignorance will continue to breed
separation and defensiveness.

It is only “at that point” where real cultural
transformation is possible – one person at a time. Culture is complex because
each human story is complex. Give people time to arrive “at that point”. Until that
time review the fruit of the Spirit and let the flavor of that fruit sweeten each
and every response you have with those still in transit to a better
understanding. Don’t give up your civility. If you choose to live this way
history will quote your words and follow your example.


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